Nobel Air Purifier White 3 Speed Led Indicator NAP270

Sale priceAED. 429.00


Technical Specification

  • Brand Nobel
  • Model Number NAP270
  • Purifies 99.5% Air Particles Of Your Room
  • Purify The Indoor Air For Clean & Fresh Breathing
  • Remove Bad Odor
  • Remove The Pollen, Dust & Animal Hairs
  • With 3 Filters (Pre-filter, Carbon and HEPA Filter)
  • Low Power with High Efficiency
  • Low Noise Level
  • 5x1000000 Negative Ion Generator
  • 220-240V􀊙/50-60Hz
  • 59W

Packing Details

  • Net Weight : 5.6 KG
  • Gross Weight : 6.8 KG
  • Product Dimension : 317 x 212 x 550 MM
  • Packaging Dimension : 375 x 265 x 620 MM

For over 35 years, Nobel in the UAE have been involved in the retail and wholesale of electronics, kitchen and home appliances. Nobel is a trusted name in the UAE and over 30 countries. Our brand is backed by a 1-year warranty on all our 250+ products. Our customers are our priority and when it comes to your after sales service you can always rely upon Nobel to cater to your needs with utmost urgency. Welcome to our world of quality, trust & Reliability. Quality you can trust at a price you can afford.

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