NOBEL Builtin - Hobs Glass Black 30cm 2 Gas Burners FFD Cast Iron Grids NBH2101GH

Sale priceAED. 479.00


((The Built-in Hobs)) NOBEL’s NBH2101GH Built-in Hobs comes with a Front Control Panel Knobs which helps you to control the units temperature as per your requirement.

((My Features)) It has Cast-Iron Raund (P09) Pun Support which helps you to maintain cleanliness easily.

((My Performance and Added Value)) It has 2 separate Knobs for each burner and hot plate.

((My Specifications)) Color: Black, 30 cm Built-in – Hobs, Black Glass Top Plate, Front Control Panel, Cast-Iron Round (P09) Pun Support, Flat Enameled Matt Burner Caps, 2 Knobs, Front & Rear, Automatic Ignition from Knobs, FFD, 3850W Max, BS Plug.

((Why buy to me?)) I am a member of the NOBEL Family, which has been in business for over 35 years, and I bring with me Quality and Reliability. I also have a lot of uses that are geared toward BRINGING FAMILIES TOGETHER. Nobel takes good care of me, so if I have any problems, you can expect a team to come and see me as soon as possible.

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