Possessing strong brand loyalty since its inception in 1971, Lutfi Electronics has remained true to its promise of quality and transparency that have rooted its presence in the consumer electronics and home appliances market

Based in Dubai and led by Mohammed Rashid Shafiullah, Executive Director of Lutfi Group, Lutfi Electronics is one of the largest single retail chains in the UAE that specialises in consumer electronics, ranging from kitchen and home appliances to air-conditioners, built-in white goods, and a range of audio-visual products, including panel TVs.

"We have various departments under Lutfi Electronics, and around 10 showrooms across the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Sharjah, and localities such as Deira market. Unlike others, we feature multi-brand products in our showrooms, which means we conduct business with suppliers in the market that could be our competitors in some way or the other, such as LG, Samsung, etc., to bring the very best to our customers," said Shafiullah.  

Lutfi Electronics also possesses an exclusive brand, NOBEL, which has been a renowned household name for the past 40 years. "NOBEL is a home appliances brand that existed long before competitors made their way to the UAE, and are the pioneers in a number of breakthrough technology," he added. 

Its goods are classified into major domestic appliances (MDA), consumer electronics appliances (CEA) and small domestic appliances (SDA) under the brand, and each boast a rich portfolio of products and services. 

MDA features air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, chillers, upright freezers, etc., while the CEA category offers LED TVs in various sizes from 20" to 75". The SDA category covers juicers, blenders, mixers, irons, rechargeable fans, 10-in-1 kitchen appliances, 4-in-1 appliances, bathroom scales, kitchen scales and gas tables, among others.  

NOBEL has been faring well in the LED TV category, according to Shafiullah, namely high-end models such as its 75" Ultra High Definition Curved Screen Smart TV, which was launched in the regional market 30 days before competitors. Other bestsellers are its ice-making machines, 1,000-litre chillers and water dispensers.

"We have among the most beautiful specifications, and the clarity and final product is perfect compared to our competitors with great value for money. I say this because we strive to fine tune our products to ensure customer satisfaction. That is our commitment to society as well," he said. 

Lutfi Group has specialised departments in place to ensure each product is well received and rightly positioned in the market. In case of dents or damage, the company shares invaluable information and compromises in the form of discounted prices, complementary offers or customised after-sales service. Shafiullah considers this as one of the company's strengths as a straightforward and transparent organisation. 

"We do not compromise on quality, and source material from the best factories. We have a dedicated product team that travel across Europe, China, India, Turkey, to name a few, to acquire the best products for the market and our consumers," he said, adding that the company has over 100 staff across its warehouses that are involved in distribution and product placement alongside home delivery and installation.  

Environment is of profound value for Lutfi Electronics, and the organisation pays attention to its impact, following in the regulatory footsteps of the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA). The company integrates eco-friendly features into its range of NOBEL products, for instance, the use of R-410A and R-134A gas for compressors, refrigerators and freezers that reduce power consumption and curb greenhouse gas emissions. 

Lutfi Electronics maintains strong relations with major corporate clients aside from 300 market dealers and power retailers such as Carrefour, LuLu Group, Sharaf DG, Hyper Panda, Union Cooperative, Abu Dhabi Cooperative, Al Dhafra Group, Al Safeer Group of Companies, etc. with help from a professional sales team and experienced staff from the industry. 

Looking forward, Lutfi Electronics is distributing the NOBEL brand as a premium brand into big markets such as Oman, CIS, Africa, MENA region and other countries. The Group also represents Bompani Modena, an Italian brand, in the UAE and Oman, alongside CHIGO air conditioners in the UAE.