Nobel 14 Kg Capacity Washing Machine, Electronic Control, LED Digital Display, 10 Programs, Aluminum Motor, Stainless Steel Drum, Energy-efficient 3-Star Rating NWM1600 Grey

Sale priceAED. 1,299.00


  • Large Capacity: With a 14 Kgs washing capacity, the NWM1600 accommodates large loads of laundry, making it suitable for families and households with heavy laundry requirements.
  • User-Friendly Control: The electronic control type and LED digital display provide intuitive operation and easy monitoring of the washing process, ensuring convenience and efficiency.
  • Versatile Programs: Choose from 10 programs to accommodate various fabric types and laundry needs, allowing for customized washing cycles to achieve optimal results.
  • Efficient Water Usage: The 1~5 water level selection allows for adjusting the water level according to the load size, ensuring efficient water usage and optimal cleaning performance.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, the NWM1600 features an aluminum motor and stainless steel drum, offering durability and reliability for years of use.
  • Energy-efficient and Sustainable: Rated with three stars, this washing machine balances performance with sustainability, offering energy-efficient operation and environmental friendliness.

Nobel Washing Machine NWM1600, a powerhouse of efficiency designed to revolutionize your laundry experience. With an expansive 14kg washing capacity, this washing machine is crafted to handle large loads with ease, making it an ideal choice for busy households. The electronic control type, paired with the LED digital display, offers intuitive and convenient operation. Choose from a diverse range of 10 programs, catering to different fabrics and laundry requirements. The 48-minute normal washing time ensures quick yet thorough cleaning, saving you valuable time in your busy schedule. Customize your washing experience with the 1~5 water level selection, accommodating various load sizes while optimizing water usage. The inner tub volume of 92L, along with a maximum water level of 92L, guarantees efficient washing and rinsing. The washing machine features an aluminum motor and a stainless steel drum, ensuring durability and consistent performance over time. With an IPX4 rating, this washing machine is protected against splashes of water, enhancing its safety and longevity. The inclusion of two water inlets, along with a pump, ensures an efficient and reliable water supply. Operating at 220-240V~, 50-60Hz, and boasting a 3-star energy rating, the NWM1600 aligns with environmental standards and is suitable for various power configurations. The net weight of 43.00 KG, gross weight of 49.00 KG, and compact product dimensions of 605 x 625 x 1000 MM (WxDxH) ensure easy installation and maneuverability. The packaging dimensions are 660 x 670 x 1090 MM (WxDxH), and the loading capacity for a 40hq container is 108 units. Upgrade your laundry routine with the Nobel Washing Machine NWM1600, where cutting-edge technology meets robust design to deliver unparalleled washing performance for your diverse laundry needs. Embrace the convenience of customizable programs, efficient water usage, and a large capacity that empowers you to conquer your laundry with ease.

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