Nobel 140 Ltr Gross /99 Ltr Net Capacity Single Door Chest Freezer, R600a Refrigerant, Mechanical Control, Recessed Handle, White Inner - NCF145 White

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Ample Storage Capacity: With a gross capacity of 140 liters and a net capacity of 99 liters, this chest freezer offers sufficient space to store a variety of frozen goods efficiently.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: Utilizes R600a refrigerant, providing superior cooling performance while being environmentally friendly and reducing your carbon footprint.

Mechanical Control System: Features a user-friendly mechanical control system for precise temperature adjustments, ensuring your food stays fresh and preserved.

Sleek and Durable Design: Equipped with a recessed handle for a modern and streamlined look, along with a white inner design that ensures a clean and hygienic storage environment.

Energy Efficient: Boasts an annual energy consumption of 365.00 kWh/year, making it an energy-efficient choice that helps you save on electricity costs.

Optimal Performance in Tropical Climates: Rated with Climate Class T, this freezer maintains consistent cooling performance even in higher ambient temperatures, making it suitable for tropical environments.

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