Nobel 15 KG Top Load Washing Machine, Advanced ABS Control, Ocean Blue Cover, 4-Star Efficiency NWM1700 Grey

Sale priceAED. 699.00


  • Large Capacity: 15 KG wash and 7 KG spin capacity for handling substantial loads.
  • Advanced Control: ABS control panel for intuitive and precise settings.
  • Elegant Design: Ocean blue plastic cover, light grey body, and black base for a modern aesthetic.
  • Powerful Performance: 460W wash power, 200W spin power for efficient and quick washing.
  • Quick Timers: 15 mins wash timer, 5 mins spin time for time-saving laundry routines.

"Nobel NWM1700, 15 KG Top Load Washing Machine, designed for households seeking superior laundry performance and efficiency. With a substantial 15 KG wash capacity and 7 KG spin capacity, this appliance ensures you can tackle large loads effortlessly. The ABS control panel provides intuitive and precise settings for your washing needs. The ocean blue plastic cover adds a touch of elegance, while the light grey body and black base contribute to a modern aesthetic. The PP pulsator ensures a thorough and gentle wash, catering to various fabric types. Boasting 460W wash power and 200W spin power, this machine delivers robust performance with a quick 15-minute wash timer and a 5-minute spin time. The rust-free, durable, and temperature-resistant construction ensures longevity and reliability. With an IPX4 waterproof grade, it guarantees protection against splashes, enhancing safety and durability. Operating at 950 RPM, this washing machine achieves efficient spinning for quicker drying. The 4-star efficiency rating reflects its commitment to energy conservation and eco-friendliness. Suitable for various power configurations, it operates at 220-240V~, 50-60Hz. In the packing details, the net weight is 28.50 KG, and the gross weight is 34.00 KG. The product dimensions are 945 x 535 x 1000 MM (WxDxH), ensuring a compact footprint. The packaging dimensions are 1000 x 580 x 1030 MM (WxDxH), facilitating secure transportation. The loading capacity for a 40hq container is 118 units. Elevate your laundry experience with the 15 KG Top Load Washing Machine, where efficiency meets elegance. This appliance offers advanced features, durability, and eco-friendly operation, making it a reliable and stylish addition to your home.

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