Nobel 2 in 1 Rechargeable Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with 1.20L Max Dust Capacity and 25.9V Lithium Battery, Standard (35min), Max (12min) Speed, Wireless Operation with HEPA Filter NVC625

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  • 2 in 1 Rechargeable Stick Vacuum Cleaner: 🔄 Versatile design for different cleaning needs.
  • 1.20L Max Dust Capacity: 🗑️ Spacious for extended cleaning sessions.
  • 25.9V Lithium Battery: 🔋 Powerful for efficient and cordless operation.
  • Standard (35min), Max (12min) Speed: ⚙️ Adjustable settings for varied cleaning tasks.
  • Strong Suction: 💪 Effectively tackles dirt and debris. 4.5 Hours Charging Time: 🕔 Quick recharge for continuous use.
  • Long Endurance: 🕰️ Extended battery life for prolonged use.
  • Comfortable Grip: 🤲 Ergonomic design for easy handling. Wireless Operation: 📡 Hassle-free maneuverability for unrestricted cleaning.
  • Wall Mounted: 🧱 Convenient storage solution, saving space.
  • HEPA Filter: 🌬️ Captures fine particles for cleaner air. 380W Rated Power: ⚡ Provides efficient and effective cleaning power.
  • Net Weight: 2.90 Kg, Gross Weight: 4.00 Kg. Product Dimension: 250 x 120 x 1100 mm (WxDxH). Packaging Dimension: 300 x 135 x 700 mm (WxDxH).

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