Nobel Air Cooler, 120L Water Tank, 3 Speed, Automatic Swing, Timer, Water Shortage Protection, High Airflow, Low Noise, 750W Power NAC1500R Black

Sale priceAED. 2,399.00


Nobel Air Cooler NAC1500R, a powerful and efficient cooling solution designed to keep you comfortable even on the hottest days. With its large 120-liter water tank capacity, this air cooler provides long-lasting cooling relief without the need for constant refills. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it's ideal for cooling large spaces such as living rooms, offices, workshops, and outdoor gatherings. Equipped with three speed settings, including normal wind type, this air cooler allows you to customize the cooling experience to suit your preferences. The left/right automatic swing feature ensures uniform cooling throughout the room, distributing cool air evenly for maximum comfort. Plus, with a 24-hour timer, you can program the cooler to turn on or off at your convenience, helping you save energy and reduce electricity costs. Designed with your safety in mind, this air cooler features water shortage protection, automatically shutting off when the water level is too low to prevent damage to the unit. Despite its powerful performance, the Nobel Air Cooler NAC1500R operates quietly with a noise level of just 75dB(A), allowing you to enjoy cool, refreshing air without disruptions. With a maximum airflow of 22000m³/h and a maximum air velocity of 10.3m/s, this air cooler delivers rapid and effective cooling, quickly lowering the ambient temperature to create a comfortable environment. Powered by 750W of energy-efficient cooling power and compatible with standard 220V~50Hz electrical outlets, it provides reliable cooling performance while minimizing energy consumption.

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