Nobel Air Cooler, 12L Water Tank, 3-Speed, Ionizer, Remote Control, Auto Swing, 7.5H Timer, Honeycomb Cooling Pads,Tubular Flow Fan with Water Shortage Protection NAC40R White

Sale priceAED. 249.00


Nobel Air Cooler NAC40R. Boasting a substantial 12-liter water tank, this cooler ensures extended cooling for uninterrupted relief. Customize your experience with three wind types - Natural, Normal, and Sleep - and let the L & R Automatic Swing create a refreshing atmosphere. Enjoy the convenience of the included Remote Control, effortlessly adjusting settings from across the room. The 7.5-hour timer allows for hands-free operation, and the integrated Ionizer ensures the air you breathe is pure. Water Shortage Protection guarantees durability, while the High Efficiency Honeycomb Cooling Pads optimize cooling efficiency. Feel the power with the impressive 348 m3/h Max Airflow and 65W Tubular Flow Fan, operating at a quiet 61.2dB(A). The 6.2 meters/sec Maximum Air Velocity ensures a brisk breeze, and with dimensions of 290 x 280 x 730 MM, this portable cooler effortlessly fits into your lifestyle.

  • Efficient Cooling: 12L water tank with High Efficiency Honeycomb Cooling Pads for extended, effective cooling.
  • Customized Comfort: Three-speed options - Natural, Normal, and Sleep - tailor the breeze to your preference.
  • Auto Swing Function: L & R Automatic Swing ensures even air distribution for ultimate comfort.
  • Remote Control Convenience: Adjust settings from across the room with the included Remote Control.
  • Programmable Timer: Set the 7.5-hour timer for hands-free cooling tailored to your schedule.
  • Ionizer for Pure Air: Integrated Ionizer promotes cleaner, healthier air within your living space.
  • Durable and Portable: Water Shortage Protection guarantees longevity, while a net weight of 5.10 KG and compact dimensions make it easy to move and position.
Brand Nobel
Material Combination
Mounting type Freestanding
Special features 7.5 Hours Timer, Remote Controlled, 3 Speed, 12 Liters Water Tank, L & R Automatic Swing
Colour White

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