Nobel Air Cooler 80 Ltrs Water Tank, Mechanical Typhoon Cooling, Automatic Oscillation, and Powerful 250W Performance NAC1111B Grey

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Elevate your cooling experience with the Nobel Air Cooler NAC1111B, a powerful and efficient solution designed to combat the heat. Boasting an impressive 80 Ltrs water tank capacity, this air cooler ensures prolonged cooling, making it suitable for large spaces. The Mechanical Typhoon Cooling system, coupled with three wind speeds working in harmony with black-oxidized metal blades, delivers a refreshing breeze, providing relief during scorching temperatures. Experience optimal air distribution with the automatic horizontal and vertical oscillation feature, covering a wide area and ensuring everyone enjoys the coolness. The three sides of cooling pads enhance the cooling efficiency, allowing for a consistently comfortable environment. With wind speeds reaching 7m/s and a noise level of ≤75dB at high speed, the NAC1111B provides a soothing and peaceful cooling experience. Featuring a robust 2500m3/h rated airflow, this air cooler is capable of delivering a continuous stream of cool air to combat the heat. The automatic self-refill by water pipe ensures a hassle-free experience, while the water cycling system, working with a pump sprinkling on three sides of the honeycomb filter, maximizes cooling efficiency. Additionally, a manual bucket refill option provides flexibility in water management. Powered by a 250W motor and operating at 220-240V~, 50Hz, the NAC1111B combines performance with energy efficiency. The air cooler comes with a net weight of 20.8 KG and a gross weight of 25.0 KG. The product dimensions are 778 X 521.8 X 1192.9 MM (WxDxH), and the packaging dimensions are 850 X 565 X 1265 MM (WxDxH). With a loading capacity of 105 units in a 40hq container, the Nobel Air Cooler NAC1111B is a reliable and efficient cooling solution for a variety of spaces.

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