Nobel Arc Shape Hood 60cm Built-in Kitchen Hood with Touch Control, LED Lights, Powerful Ventilation (750m3/h), Stylish Design, Sleek and Efficient Cooking NCH8631 Black

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Nobel Arc Shape Hood NCH8631, a sleek and efficient addition to your cooking space. This 60cm built-in hood features an eye-catching arc shape with a stylish black body and tempered glass, elevating the aesthetics of your kitchen. The touch control switch, complemented by a digital display, offers intuitive operation. With three adjustable speeds, this hood ensures optimal ventilation to keep your kitchen environment fresh. The hood comes equipped with 2x1.5W round LED lights, providing a warm white light for enhanced visibility while cooking. The 3-layer black aluminum filter effectively captures grease and impurities. The metal motor house and fan deliver a powerful 750m3/h extraction rate. The package includes 2x500 black chimneys, 1 aluminum foil pipe, and 2 carbon filters, offering a comprehensive solution for your kitchen needs.

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