Nobel Split Air Conditioner 12000 Btu/h Capacity, Cooling Only, Rotary Compressor, Auto Restart, 4-Way Airflow, Goldin Fin, Turbo Operation, Hidden LED Display, R410A Refrigerant - NSAC12C1 white

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Powerful Cooling Capacity: Enjoy rapid cooling with a 12000 Btu/h capacity, perfect for keeping your space comfortable during hot days.

Rotary Compressor: Enhanced efficiency and durability with a reliable rotary compressor, ensuring long-lasting performance and energy savings.

Auto Restart Feature: Continuity in cooling with the auto restart function, which resumes operation automatically after power interruptions.

4-Way Airflow System: Achieve uniform cooling throughout the room with the 4-way airflow system, ensuring every corner receives cool air.

Goldin Fin Coating: Superior protection and durability for the condenser with Goldin Fin coating, safeguarding against environmental elements.

Turbo Operation & Hidden LED Display: Boost cooling performance with Turbo Operation for quick relief and enjoy a modern look with the hidden LED display for easy monitoring.

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