Nobel Upright Chiller - Double Door Black 1000 Litres NSF1200SD

Sale priceAED. 5,029.00


  • ((The Chiller)) With Nobel’s capacious chiller NSF1200, you can beat the heat and enjoy cold beverages all day. Made of high-quality, long-lasting materials that are simple to clean and maintain. It is suitable for large houses, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and businesses since it is spacious and generous in size. Transparent sliding doors with black panels and a red brand emblem on top come in a white semi-glossy finish. With wheels for easy mobility and transport, as well as plenty of storage space.


  • ((My Features)) This Extra-Large beverage chiller can be used for commercial and home usage for parties and events! Energy-saving, Galvanization coated plate outer and inner material, numerous cooling modes, Finned evaporation system, internal LED canopy lighting + 2 inner lights, and low-noise operation are all features. 8 robust and adjustable wired shelves are kept in place by metal hinges for added safety and have a large loading capacity for soda, juices, and water. Two double-layered glazed and tempered glass sliding doors come with one bottom lock and key. Drainage is included. 2-10 Degrees Celsius temperature range with degree displayer.


  • ((My Performance and Added Value)) With a 5.8A rated current, 750W input power, this massive and elegant chiller is extremely energy efficient. The Gross capacity is 1200 liters and Net Capacity is 1000 liters. It saves you money on utility costs! It can be readily carried and installed in various areas because to its 4 large size and wheels with 2 brakes. It can be put freestanding in any area because to its big size and semi-glossy two-tone style. Unauthorized entrance is prevented by the lock on the right-hand door.


  • ((My Specifications)) Color: White/black. Finish: Semi-glossy Body with tempered double glass door and signature brand logo on top in Red. Net Weight: 136 kg. Gross Weight: 157kg. Product Dimensions: 113 x 70 x 202.3 cm (W x D x H). Gross Capacity: 1200 liter. Net Capacity: 1000 liter. Climate class: ST. Refrigerant Type: R134a. Voltage: 220-240V, Frequency: 50Hz. Foam blowing agent: Cyclopentane. Rated Current: 5.8A. For Commercial-use and Home-Use. Lock and Key. 4 Wheels with 2 brakes. One year warranty.


  • ((Why buy to me?)) I am a member of the NOBEL Family, which has been in business for over 35 years, and I bring with me Quality and Reliability. I also have a lot of uses that are geared toward BRINGING FAMILIES TOGETHER. Nobel takes good care of me, so if I have any problems, you can expect a team to come and see me as soon as possible.


For over 35 years, Nobel in the UAE have been involved in the retail and wholesale of electronics, kitchen and home appliances. Nobel is a trusted name in the UAE and over 30 countries. Our brand is backed by a 1-year warranty on all our 250+ products. Our customers are our priority and when it comes to your after sales service you can always rely upon Nobel to cater to your needs with utmost urgency. Welcome to our world of quality, trust & Reliability. Quality you can trust at a price you can afford.

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