Nobel Water Dispenser Hot And Cool Black Cabinet R134A NWD702BK

Sale priceAED. 389.00


  • ((The Water Dispenser)) With two push-buttons, the NOBEL NWD702BK Water-Dispenser with a storage cabinet offers hot and cold water. The water tank has a top-loading design with a simple loading and emptying process. This efficient water-cooler may be installed anywhere in the house, workplace, gym, studio, restaurant, bar, hotel, or shop thanks to its light-weight construction and stylish appearance. In a beautiful black semi-glossy finish with a Silver Nobel Logo on the front facia.


  • ((My Features)) This compact water dispenser features a bottom storage compartment, compressor cooling system, anti-electric shock protection, and a red child-lock for hot water to provide maximum safety while in use. 2 faucets for hot and cold water, as well as four indication bulbs for cooling, heating, electricity, and water shortages. Cleaning is a breeze with the removable water drop pan. A contemporary touch is provided by the brushed silver panel and black door panel.


  • ((Where to use)) This Water-Dispenser is ideal for both residential and commercial use! Whether you need quick hot water for tea or coffee, or cold water for a juice or cold drink, we've got you covered. Make it at home or serve it to clients in your office, the café, the gym, or anywhere else! This floor standing water dispenser fits effortlessly into any nook! It also appears incredibly beautiful and trendy with its two-tone semi-glossy design! Water can also be easily refilled. The storage compartment serves as a great holding area to keep some of your drinks.


  • ((Technical Specifications)) Sleek and modern with bottom storage cabinet. Color: Black. Net Weight: 13.4 kg. Gross Weight: 14.8 kg. Dimensions: 31 x 34 x 105 (W x D x H) cm . Box Dimension: 33 x 36 x 108 (W x D x H) cm. Heating Power: 580W. Cooling Power: 90W. Input Power: 520W. Cooling Current: 1.0. Refrigerant R134a. Hot Water 85-95 C , 5L/Hr. Cold Water 5-10 C, 2L/Hr. Climate Class T. Environmental Temp: 10-43 degrees. Silicon Water Pipe. Danfu 2.0. Pure coil copper around cold tank. Compressor Power: 220-240V, 50/60 Hz


  • ((Why buy to me?)) I am a member of the NOBEL Family, which has been in business for over 35 years, and I bring with me Quality and Reliability. I also have a lot of uses that are geared toward BRINGING FAMILIES TOGETHER. Nobel takes good care of me, so if I have any problems, you can expect a team to come and see me as soon as possible.


For over 35 years, Nobel in the UAE have been involved in the retail and wholesale of electronics, kitchen and home appliances. Nobel is a trusted name in the UAE and over 30 countries. Our brand is backed by a 1-year warranty on all our 250+ products. Our customers are our priority and when it comes to your after sales service you can always rely upon Nobel to cater to your needs with utmost urgency. Welcome to our world of quality, trust & Reliability. Quality you can trust at a price you can afford.

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